With a passion for reigning supreme in the world of real estate transactions, Michelle is your trusted guide through the regal realm of property buying and selling.  Her refined approach and attention to detail promise a seamless experience fit for royalty.  As a queen in the real estate realm, Michelle will navigate the twists and turns of real estate with finesse, ensuring every client receives regal treatment.  She will negotiate fiercely, keeping you informed at every step, and curate a collection of properties matching your regal aspirations, from suburban castles to country farms.

Selling your palace? Michelle will showcase your property’s finest features, utilizing the latest marketing techniques to give your listing the royal treatment it deserves.  Beyond her real estate crown, Michelle immerses herself in the local culture, attends events, and savors culinary delights.  With both grown children and school-age kiddos at home, she has a deep understanding of the community, she provides regal insights into neighborhoods, schools, and amenities.  Michelle listens attentively to your needs and desires, working tirelessly to find your perfect property, whether you’re a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or relocating.   When you’re ready for a Realtor who makes things happen, connect with Michelle.  Your satisfaction and happiness are her ultimate goals!