Rosanna Mahurin was born in Switzerland. She moved to New York just shy of turning 7 years old. After graduating high school, she made Texas her permanent home. 

She has been in customer relations since 1989, learning how to listen and communicate with people and paying attention to details. She knows that you’re not just buying a house. She is there to find a home that will provide you with the lifestyle that you desire. 

Rosanna started off in real estate as a leasing agent, residential retention and an assistant apartment manager. She became a long-term rental property investor and manager and has since become a short-term rental property owner and manager. Recently she attained her real estate license adding to her portfolio. 

She’s very passionate about health and wellness. She practices holistic living. When she’s not working you can find her at the gym.  

She loves to spend time with her kids or host game nights with her friends. Life is meant to be enjoyed with the people that you love.